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/* demo2.c  - requires GKrellM 1.2.0 or better
|           gcc -fPIC `gtk-config --cflags` `imlib-config --cflags-gdk` -c demo2.c
|           gcc -shared -Wl -o demo2.so demo2.o
|           gkrellm -p demo2.so

#include "ibam.hpp"

extern "C" {

#define private gkrell_private
#include <gkrellm/gkrellm.h>

  /* CONFIG_NAME would be the name in the configuration tree, but this demo
  |  does not have a config.  See demo1.c for that.
#define     CONFIG_NAME "Ibam"

  /* STYLE_NAME will be the theme subdirectory for custom images for this
  |  plugin and it will be the gkrellmrc style name for custom settings.
#define     STYLE_NAME  "ibam"

  /* This demo just makes up some data for the krell to show.
#define     KRELL_FULL_SCALE  30

static Monitor    *monitor;
static Panel      *panel;
static gint       style_id;
static Krell      *krell;
static Decal   *decal_text;

static void
      if (GK.second_tick)
               static ibam a;
               static char buffer[80];
               char *l;
               static char *bat="batt";
               static char *charge="chrg";
               static char *full="full";
               static long lasttime=time(NULL);
                  int updateadd=0;
               gkrellm_update_krell(panel, krell, a.percent_battery()*KRELL_FULL_SCALE/100);
               int minutes;
               else if(a.charging())
               } else
               sprintf(buffer,"%s %2d:%02d",l,minutes/60,minutes%60);

               /* Updating a krell (or drawing a decal) draws only into local
               |  pixmaps.  After all krells and decals are "drawn", they must be
               |  really drawn to the screen with gkrellm_draw_panel_layers().
               } else
                  gkrellm_update_krell(panel, krell, 0);
                  gkrellm_draw_decal_text(panel,decal_text,"no data",99999);

static gint
panel_expose_event(GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventExpose *ev)
            widget->style->fg_gc[GTK_WIDGET_STATE (widget)],
            panel->pixmap, ev->area.x, ev->area.y, ev->area.x, ev->area.y,
            ev->area.width, ev->area.height);
    return FALSE;

static void
create_plugin(GtkWidget *vbox, gint first_create)
      Style             *style;
      TextStyle   *textstyle;
      GdkImlibImage     *krell_image;

      /* This create_plugin() routine is a create event routine which
      |  will be called when GKrellM is re-built at every theme or horizontal
      |  size change.  The idea is to allocate data structures and do some
      |  initialization only once (at first_create) and do decal and krell
      |  creation and plugin local image loading each time so theme changes
      |  will be picked up.
      |  Before this routine is called during the re-build, all of the krells
      |  and decals you previously created will have been destroyed.  However,
      |  for cases where a plugin wants to manage the decal and krell lists,
      |  it is possible to prevent the automatic krell and decal destruction.
      if (first_create)
            panel = gkrellm_panel_new0();

      /* Each plugin that has obtained a style_id (in init_plugin()) can use
      |  a default krell that may have been custom themed.  Additional custom
      |  krells may be created, but here we just use the default krell.  To
      |  create a kell, use our style (which has information about the krell
      |  depth, hot spot, and y offset into the panel), and our krell image.
      style = gkrellm_meter_style(style_id);
      krell_image = gkrellm_krell_meter_image(style_id);
      krell = gkrellm_create_krell(panel, krell_image, style);
      textstyle = gkrellm_meter_textstyle(style_id);
      decal_text = gkrellm_create_decal_text(panel, "IBAM", textstyle, style, -1, -1, -1);

      /* The default for GKrellM data update routines is to expect monotonically
      |  increasing data values.  So the real data values stored for display are
      |  differences between successive data updates.  But the data this demo
      |  krell will measure will be values within a fixed range, so we must
      |  turn off the monotonic mode.
      gkrellm_monotonic_krell_values(krell, FALSE);

      /* Set the kell full scale value and a krell scaling factor.  The scaling
      |  factor should almost always be 1.  Only chart styled krells that have
      |  a small full scale value might need a scaling factor greater than 1.
      gkrellm_set_krell_full_scale(krell, KRELL_FULL_SCALE, 1);

      /* Configuring a panel means to determine the height needed to accomodate
      |  its label and all of the created decals and krells that it contains.
      |  This is where we set the label on the panel to be "Plugin".  Many
      |  plugins will have panels with changing text or pixmap decals and will
      |  not use a label at all.  In those cases, just pass NULL for the label.
      |  Some plugins may want to have a fixed panel height.  Those should
      |  call gkrellm_panel_configure_add_height() instead of this:
      gkrellm_panel_configure(panel, NULL , style);

      /* Finally create the panel.  It will have a background image which will
      |  be the theme default or plugin specific if created by the theme maker.
      gkrellm_panel_create(vbox, monitor, panel);

      if (first_create)
          gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT (panel->drawing_area), "expose_event",
              (GtkSignalFunc) panel_expose_event, NULL);

/* The monitor structure tells GKrellM how to call the plugin routines.
static Monitor    plugin_mon  =
      CONFIG_NAME,        /* Title for config clist.   */
      0,                            /* Id,  0 if a plugin       */
      create_plugin,          /* The create function      */
      update_plugin,          /* The update function      */
      NULL,                   /* The config tab create function   */
      NULL,                   /* Apply the config function        */

      NULL,                   /* Save user config                 */
      NULL,                   /* Load user config                 */
      NULL,                   /* config keyword             */

      NULL,                   /* Undefined 2    */
      NULL,                   /* Undefined 1    */
      NULL,                   /* private  */

      MON_MAIL,               /* Insert plugin before this monitor                  */

      NULL,                   /* Handle if a plugin, filled in by GKrellM     */
      NULL                    /* path if a plugin, filled in by GKrellM       */

  /* All GKrellM plugins must have one global routine named init_plugin()
  |  which returns a pointer to a filled in monitor structure.
Monitor *
      /* If this next call is made, the background and krell images for this
      |  plugin can be custom themed by putting bg_meter.png or krell.png in the
      |  subdirectory STYLE_NAME of the theme directory.  Text colors (and
      |  other things) can also be specified for the plugin with gkrellmrc
      |  lines like:  StyleMeter  STYLE_NAME.textcolor orange black shadow
      |  If no custom theming has been done, then all above calls using
      |  style_id will be equivalent to style_id = DEFAULT_STYLE_ID.
      style_id = gkrellm_add_meter_style(&plugin_mon, STYLE_NAME);
      monitor = &plugin_mon;
      return &plugin_mon;

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