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ibam Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int charging (void)
int current_profile_number (void) const
int current_profile_type (void) const
int get_hard_low_limit (void) const
int get_soft_low_limit (void) const
 ibam (const string &a="")
void ignore_statistics (void)
void import (void)
void load_battery (void)
void load_charge (void)
int onBattery (void)
int percent_battery (void)
int percent_battery_bios (void)
int percent_charge (void)
string profile_filename (int n, int type) const
int profile_logging_setting (void) const
void save (void)
int seconds_battery_correction (double ratio=1)
int seconds_battery_correction_adaptive (void)
int seconds_battery_total (void)
int seconds_battery_total_adaptive (void)
int seconds_charge_correction (double ratio=1)
int seconds_charge_correction_adaptive (void)
int seconds_charge_total (void)
int seconds_charge_total_adaptive (void)
int seconds_left_battery (void)
int seconds_left_battery_adaptive (void)
int seconds_left_battery_bios (void)
int seconds_left_charge (void)
int seconds_left_charge_adaptive (void)
void set_hard_low_limit (int)
void set_profile_logging (int)
void set_soft_low_limit (int)
void update (void)
void update_statistics (void)
int valid (void) const

Private Attributes

percent_data battery
int battery_changed
int battery_loaded
percent_data charge
int charge_changed
int charge_loaded
int currentpercent
int currentstatus
unsigned long currenttime
percent_data data
int data_changed
int hard_low_limit
string home
int isvalid
double last_sec_per_min
double last_sec_per_min_prediction
int lastpercent
double lastratio
int lastratiocount
int laststatus
unsigned long lasttime
int profile_active
int profile_changed
int profile_logging
int profile_number
int soft_low_limit

Detailed Description

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